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  1. TIT The interactive terminal
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TIT The interactive terminal

TIT is a terminal emulator written in JavaScript. It is designed to be able to run on any device with a webbrowser and can even work offline and as a PWA.


Tit is meant to be an easy and accessible terminal emulator for those wanting to learn the Linux Commandline Interface.
You don’t need to have Linux installed! Tit runs on every OS!
You can use it as a playground to mess around without the fear of damaging your computer!
Try it now!


Tit is named after the birds of the same name. They are very cute!
The bird artwork featured on this page and seen elsewhere is called the Owston’s tit.


You can contribute to the TIT terminal emulator in many ways! We welcome all types of contributions. For more details, check out the Contributions Guide.

Getting Started

To get started learning the terminal check out Getting Started. You’ll learn some basic command and the basic shortcuts.

Questions and help

Reach out to us at the forums. It takes a minute to post a message to the forums, but you ensure that people will see your message and more people will be able to help you out. Come say hi!